Vale iron ore production overview for 2014

Vale’s own iron ore production, excluding iron ore acquired from third parties and Samarco’s attributable production, reached the record of 319.2 MT in 2014, 19.4 MT higher than in 2013 and 7.2 MT higher than our guidance for 2014.

In 2014, Carajas achieved the production record of 119.7 MT, representing an increase of 14.8 MT in relation to 2013. The Southern System produced 86.3 MT in 2014 and achieved its best annual mark since 2007. This 2014 production represents an increase of over 9% against the 79.0 MT produced in 2013.

On a quarterly basis, Vale’s iron ore production ex Samarco's attributable production was 83.0 MT in Q4 2014, a new record for Q4. Carajas achieved a new historical record with an output of 34.9 MT in Q4 2014, 8.4% and 10.4% higher than in Q3 2014 and in Q4 2013, respectively.

In Q4 2014, Vale transported 32.9 MT in its Estrada de Ferro Carajas (EFC), a new quarterly record, 2.1 MT higher than in Q4 2013 and its shipments reached 32.8 MT also a new quarterly record, 1.5 MT higher than in Q4 2013.

Northern System;
This production of 34.9 MT in Carajas is a result of the ramp ups of Plant 2 and Serra Leste in Q4 2014. Plant 2 produced 4.9 MT in the quarter, 0.6 MT more than in 3Q14.

Southeastern System;
The Southeastern System, which encompasses the Itabira, Minas Centrais and Mariana mining hubs, produced 26.4 MT in Q4 2014, 7.9% lower than in Q3 2014. Despite the good production in Conceicao Itabiritos, the Minas Centrais mining hub experienced scheduled maintenance stoppages in Q4 2014. Production in the Itabira mining hub was 0.5% higher than in Q3 2014 due to the ramp up of CI. Output of CI was 2.3 MT, 0.5 MT higher than in Q3 2014.

Production in the Minas Centrais mining hub was 7.2 MT in Q4 2014, 19.5% and 20.9% lower than in Q3 2014 and Q4 2913, respectively, as a result of the scheduled maintenance stoppage for the implementation of Brucutu's 5th production line which will allow the plant's production to increase by 30% in 2015. Output in the Mariana mining hub reached 9.6 MT, 5.5% lower than in Q3 2014, as a result of the mining plan for the year.

Southern System;
The Southern System, composed of the Paraopeba, Vargem Grande and Minas Itabirito mining hubs, produced 20.1 MT in Q4 2014, 13.4% lower than in Q3 2014 due to maintenance stoppage in some units.

Production at the Paraopeba mining hub was 17.3% lower than in Q3 2014 mainly due to corrective maintenance in the crushing system. Production at the Vargem Grande mining hub was 8.8% lower than in Q3 2014 due to a corrective maintenance in the conveyor belt. Production at the Minas Itabirito mining hub was 13.6% lower than in Q3 2014, mainly due to the preventive maintenance in the crushing system.
Midwestern System;
The Midwestern System, comprising the Urucum and Corumba mining hubs, produced 1.5 MT in Q4 2014, 0.1 MT and 0.2 MT lower than in Q3 2014 and in Q4 2013, respectively, due to the beginning of the rainy season. As previously disclosed, production in the Midwestern system was reduced in 2014 for an adjustment in inventory levels. Therefore production was slightly lower than in 2013 without any impact on sales.

In Q4 2014 Samarco's pellet feed production (dedicated to pellet production) was 3.8 MT, 1.6% higher than in Q3 2014.

Source: steelguru

Mar 4, 2015 10:17
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