Iran steel market Trend in Week 29th , 2017


Billet market experienced fluctuations during last week in Iran. Domestic billet size 150 and 125 mm started the week at respectively USD 469 /mt and USD 463.5 /mt ex-work including 9% VAT. Market was expecting upward trend due to new offer of Esfahan steel co billet at IME, so prices improved by USD 10.5 /mt till Monday. But after Esfahan steel co billet contract closed and long products prices stayed stable, billet price started dropping till end of the week which size 150 mm reached USD 471.5/mt and size 125/mt reached USD 466/mt ex-work including VAT.

Significant surge of long products during last month has made market quiet at the moment, therefore market insiders expect billet price stay stable in coming days till market sentiment became clear.


Long Products

Long products market fluctuated like billet. Average price of debar diameter 14-25 mm started the week at USD 498/mt ex-work Ahwaz and USD 503 /mt ex-work Esfahan including 9% VAT. I-beam price size 14,16,18 was also USD 551 /mt . By Saturday upward trend began. Debar price reached USD 530/mt . I-beam market was confused and angle and channel were increased by USD 21 /mt. Upward trend continue till Monday for debar. Angle and channel stayed stable. By Tuesday downward trend started.

Ange and channel price dropped by USD 5 /mt. Debar average price for size 14-25 mm reached USD 530/mt ex-work Esfahan and USD 538/mt ex-work Esfahan. I-beam was also USD 596 /mt. Generally current long products prices have at least USD 13 /mt price bubble. With base price of USD 407 /mt for Khouzestan steel co billet and USD 425 /mt for Esfahan steel co billet, average price of debar should be USD 490-503 /mt.


Flat Products

HRC 2 mm thickness started week 29th at USD 662 /mt on truck in Anzali including 9% VAT and custom duties. Limited supply level and upward trend in global markets made HRC price in Iran upward as improved by USD 53 /mt till Monday. Then became downward as reached USD 707 /mt on truck in Anzali by end of the week.

For thickness 6-15 mm average domestic price started the week at USD 609 /mt ex-work Esfahan including VAT and finished the week at USD 649/mt. Higher base price of Moabarkeh Steel co prices at IME made market upward.


HRP price of Kavian and Oxin co improved by around USD 8/mt last Sunday. By Monday Kavian co stopped offering and Oxin co product improved by USD 18.5/mt. But by Tuesday price was down by USD 10.5 /mt.

CRC price improved by USD 48 /mt during last week in Iran to reach more than USD 795 /mt on truck in Anzali including 9% VAT. May be peak price for CRC would be USD 874 /mt. If supply level improve, prices will be downward as seasonal demand is low.

HDG market was in supply shortage. Upward trend in CRC market helped HDG price improve by USD 26 /mt for some sizes till Tuesday, then market stayed calm.


In free market:  Rials 37,750  /1USD

24th   July 2017


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