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Vale Iron Ore Production Up 5%; Pellet Output Rise 10% in CY18

Vale- world's largest iron ore producer witnessed iron ore and pellet production of CY18 in line with the laid guidance at 390 MnT for iron ore and 55 MnT pellet. The total iron ore production witnessed at 384.6 MnT (up 5% Y-o-Y) and pellet production recorded at 55.3 MnT (up 10% Y-o-Y).

The ramp-up of Tubarao I, Tubarao II pellet plant, restart at Tubarao IV & Sau luis plant in Q3CY18 resulted in increased pellet production for CY18.

Iron ore production down 4%; pellet production up 14% in Q4 CY18

The total iron ore production for the quarter recorded at 101 MnT, down 4% against 104.95 MnT in Q3 CY18 amid seasonal factors. However, pellet production increased 14% to 15.8 MnT against 13.9 MnT a quarter ago.

Iron ore & pellet sales increased in CY18

Vale recorded iron ore sales at 308.99 MnT, rise of 6% on yearly basis as compared to 291.35 MnT in CY17. The iron ore sales for Q4CY18 recorded at 80.5 MnT, down 4% against 83.98 MnT a quarter ago.

Pellet sales in CY'18 witnessed by the company at 56.59 MnT, up 9% as compared to 51.78 MnT in CY17.

Increased share of high grade ore in sales volume

In 2018, Vale's product portfolio Fe content reached 64.1%, alumina 1.2% and silica 3.9%.
The increase in sales is attributed to improvement in product quality. The product quality witnessed an improvement from Fe 63.8%, 1.3% Al & 4.2% Si in Q2 CY18 to 64%, 1.2% Al, and 3.9% Si in Q3 CY'18.

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